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ACMHA's Message

The ACMHA message centers on five key points:

1. ACMHA's mission, vision and values are distinctive in the behavioral health field and provide the one place where individuals across all sectors of behavioral health can work together on substantive issues.

2. The ACMHA Summit is nationally recognized as the assembly of experienced behavior health professionals focused on innovative solutions and client/customer care. Summit proceedings have formed the base for national policy initiatives and the development of new entities to address the core issues challenging the field, always focused first on values of quality care.

3. The ACMHA board and members are actively engaged in its governance, planning, fundraising and programs, assuring that a focus remains on the core issues of mental health and substance abuse irrespective of the particular industry sector of the member. At the same time, directors and members provide noteworthy leadership in their respective organizations, further implementing solutions to critical issues addressed as colleagues at the national level.

4. ACMHA regularly interacts with public and private behavioral health leaders who inform policy, increase the awareness levels of core issues, and shape practices in the behavioral health field. By gathering and focusing the senior leadership of the field, ACMHA can guide the change required to assure that persons seeking care receive state of the art evidence based treatment.

5. ACMHA is committed to the development of the next generation of behavioral health leaders. Through the expertise and availability of those individuals who have championed the arena of behavioral healthcare for more than 30 years, ACMHA can assure that the leaders of the 21st century have access to the skills and knowledge needed to move the field forward. ACMHA provides a professional forum where tomorrow's behavioral health leaders can convene, regardless of "work sector."


To be recognized as the premier forum for the exchange of new policy ideas that contribute to the improvement in the lives of people with mental health and substance use conditions and the systems that provide treatment and prevention services.


The mission of the ACMHA: The College for Behavioral Health Leadership is to be a convener of diverse and emerging leaders concerned with mental health and substance use policy and practice from across systems to:

  • Identify and address complex issues of emerging importance;
  • Develop consensus through cross discipline dialogs;
  • Promote best and evidence-based practices;
  • Broker ideas that contribute to the evolution of behavioral health outcomes;
  • Promote leadership development and succession; and
  • Provide education, networking, and other opportunities to interact with leaders in relevant fields.



ACMHA: The College for Behavioral Health Leadership is a 501(c)3. Copies of IRS 990 filings are available to the public on request. Please contact the office.